July 13, 2015

Distraction | Family Photography at Home

Oooooh, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one.  This session, besides being about family photography at home, was about this little guy turning one.family photography at home_0001

Also in attendance were the birthday boy’s twin older siblings.family photography at home_0002This session, together with another one that I’ll probably blog next, gave me something I need to add to my list of most favorite favorite things about babies who are just starting to walk.  Are you ready?  It’s when a parent or big sibling are proudly holding baby’s hands so that baby can show off his new walking skills, and baby is SO distracted by how much he loves the parent or sibling holding his hands that he can’t possibly concentrate on walking — he needs to focus all his energy on staring adoringly at the parent or sibling who’s holding his hands.  Do you just love it???family photography at home_0003

Walking and adoring looks aside, I can’t say that big sister didn’t do her best to steal the show. 😉family photography at home_0004 family photography at home_0005 family photography at home_0006 family photography at home_0007

Lots of silliness went on.family photography at home_0008 family photography at home_0009

Along with laughing and cuddling and a quick walk to the park across the street.family photography at home_0010 family photography at home_0011 family photography at home_0012 family photography at home_0013 family photography at home_0014

Time spent alone with a mommy and her littlest (maybe last?) baby never disappoints.  Once you’ve reached this point with a third or fourth baby, you really, really appreciate how quick it all goes and how in the blink of an eye, those chubby cheeks and dimpled hands and, yes, those adoring looks will be only a memory.family photography at home_0015

(You can see the one that made me gasp when I took it HERE).

family photography at home_0016 family photography at home_0017Can’t wait to hang out with this family again!

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