“Wherever time may take you
in your life,
remember this was beautiful.”

~The Pat McGuire Band

Here it is! It’s ready! My favorite LYYP thing of the year!!!!

It’s my “Thankful” video — the sixth one in a series. (The last one is HERE if you want to see). They say the camera looks both ways and when you look at the photos in this video, it’ll be immediately obvious to you that I am one happy, lucky, thankful girl. Seriously. This is what I DO. As a JOB. (I used to be a part-time patent lawyer, sitting alone in my attic, people! Do you realize how lucky I am??)

As has also become tradition, I’d also like to share some treats to show my gratitude to all of you who have made it possible for me to be this lucky.  Have you not booked your 2017 session yet? Well, you’re in luck!  The first four people to book a weekday session between January 15 and June 15 of 2017 will receive a $50 credit toward packages and products at their ordering session.  Yay!

This offer expires on Saturday (hey, small business Saturday!), so don’t wait.  Even if you don’t want to book before June 15, now’s a good time to book, because honestly, the LYYP calendar is filling up reeeeaally fast, and I really hate turning people away.

And, one more time, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for looking,