November 11, 2016

Magical Memories | Rye Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing this family for years – since before little sister was born, in fact.  They ran off and left me for a few years to become expats, but they’re back!  In a lovely house in Rye that they’re in the process of making their forever home.  We’re back on track, and I’m thrilled to be their Rye family photographer.

There are so many special things about this session.  I could talk about how I love the early stages of a ‘home in progress’ — how some rooms are still empty and filled with cardboard boxes-turned-rocketships — a little kids’ heaven that will soon be a memory.  I could mention the soft spot I have for strawberry blondes — especially when there are bouncing curls involved.  But I think the thing that stands out for me the most isn’t a ‘what’ at all — it’s more of a ‘why.’  Why does mom decide to make it a priority to freeze these moments in their life as a family?  The reason is one that she has in common with a lot of my LYYP moms and dads — it’s just that she loves these moments so much.  She can’t stand how sweet they are and how fast they’re going and she really, really wants to savor them.  And to keep them.  I totally get that.

The fact that mom delighted both children by changing into her very own princess dress-up dress for part of their afternoon of play (“Mommy, you’re the most beautiful mommy ever.”)?  Icing on the cake.  Being joined by daddy for some full family snuggles toward the end of the session?  Perfection.

The fact that as their Rye family photographer I get to give them these magical memories to keep and enjoy forever?  I can’t even stand it.

Another highlight from this session is HERE.  (Are you following me on Instagram?)

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