June 25, 2013

Nina Dunhill | Westchester Family Photography

Hello friends, and happy summer!

It’s week one here at the beach.  We’re finally settled in our little bungalow, and it’s time for me to start catching up on sharing all my great spring sessions with you here on the ol’ blogerroo.  (There’ll be lots of posts to come  about the beach and beach living, along with several more spring sessions and a few summer ones … so do stop by here occasionally this summer, please!)

The first session I’d like to show you is with my good friend Nina and her family.  Those of you who don’t know Nina in real life may remember seeing this great gaggle here, but even if you don’t — I’ve got news for you.   If you come here often, (do you come here often?), you’re very familiar with Nina’s work.  Nina designed my logo — that awesome little camera with the little “life” inside, which I think really, really perfectly defines my brand and the reason I take pictures.  Way back when this all began, I explained it to Nina.  I’m not looking to take photos of people perfectly coifed and posed in front of their fireplace — dad’s hand resting lovingly on mom’s shoulder and big sister’s head tilted just so — that stuff does not excite me.  What I wanted to do (and still do!) is to capture a piece of your life at it really is … in a way that’s hard for you to see right now because you’re so busy living it.  To tell you the story of your own life — or this fleeting chapter of it — in pictures.  So this is what I told Nina, and she magically transformed that idea into the logo that’s everywhere now — on my site, on my Facebook page, on my packaging, marketing materials, my little thank you notes — all over.  Perfect, right?  I think so.  Nina also designed the cute little social media buttons on the top of my current site, and has also put together the little “idea books” that clients receive with their welcome packet and lots of other flourishes you’ve seen if you’re a client.

Nina doesn’t only do logos for lifestyle photographers.  You can see lots of her work on her website — from book design to invitations to ads to stickers to personal stationery, Nina does it all.  I highly recommend her for all your design needs!

I also can’t say enough good things about her family.   Thankfully, I really don’t have to — the pictures say it all, I think.

Westchester Family Photographer_001 Westchester Family Photographer_002
Westchester Family Photographer_004 Westchester Family Photographer_005

If you missed it, you can see more victory dance moves HERE. 

Westchester Family Photographer_006 Westchester Family Photographer_007 Westchester Family Photographer_008 Westchester Family Photographer_010 Westchester Family Photographer_011 Westchester Family Photographer_012 Westchester Family Photographer_013Westchester Family Photographer_003

Thanks for looking!

~ Jaye