July 8, 2013

Four, Three, Two, One | Westchester Family Photographer

The first time I met this family, I was genuinely impressed with how calm and present both mom and dad were in the face of the inevitable chaos of having four kids under the age of four.  A little over a year later, they’ve still got it all under control.

Westchester Family Photographer_001

This cutie was a newborn the last time, and this time around I was lucky enough to witness her first steps.  (Her actual first step is HERE).   Look how proud she is!

Westchester Family Photographer_002

Westchester Family Photographer_003

Big brother, at the ripe old age of four, holds them all together.

Westchester Family Photographer_004

Westchester Family Photographer_005

Westchester Family Photographer_006

Westchester Family Photographer_008

Westchester Family Photographer_009

I can only imagine what this amazing family will have in store for me the next time we meet!