May 27, 2011

Family Dance | Pelham Kids’ Photographer

I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to give credit to the graphic designer who made the adorable little camera logo you see on my website, in my watermark, on my packaging and in the notecards you’ve gotten if you’ve had a session with me. That little camera makes me happy. It’s simple and versatile, and I think it really embodies my style of photography and what I’m about. (More on that in the About Me link above). And here’s my opportunity! You may know my friend Nina as half of the two person team that makes up the new stationery company Pinwheel Stationery (“paper with a twist” — I love that), or as one of the designers for Meeble Mail. Nina does all kinds of design work — she’s designed posters for theme parties, gift tags and stickers, holiday cards, announcements and invitations, and even props for local theatre productions. You can reach Nina at — she’s really great to work with and her work product speaks for itself!

Another thing about Nina — she’s got great kids. I’ve spent some time thinking about what to write about the session I’m about to show you, but the more I think about it, the more I think words are superfluous. When you look at these, you don’t need me to tell you that these four kids know how to have fun, or that they’re especially good at having fun together (and what greater skill would you hope for if you’re going to have four kids living together in your house?). You don’t need for me to try to convey how good it is to be in the “golden age” of parenting — nobody’s in diapers, and nobody is embroiled in the mess of hormones that puberty brings — when your home is full of “big-little kids” and “little-big kids”, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

I do want to give you one visual that wasn’t entirely captured by my camera. Imagine this — there are two minivans parked in front of the house. Nina’s blasting the radio from her car in front. I’ve got one foot on Nina’s rear bumper and the other on my front bumper with my camera to my face, snapping away at the four kids, who have all climbed onto the wall for a family dance. The photos of the kids came out great, but people driving by at the time got an even funnier picture, I think …