June 17, 2013

June | Westchester Family Photographer

Well, it’s happened again.  The month of June has swallowed me whole.

I’d tell you about all the things that have kept me busy and have caused me to fall behind on blogging my sessions, but … I don’t have time.

I can tell you this, though.  Summer’s so close that I can taste it.  Summer in LYYP world is about as different from the other three seasons of the year as you can imagine.  We pack up all our stuff and head to Breezy Point for the summer.  We fill our days with mostly nothingness.  A couple of short road trips, excursions into the city, visits with family and friends … but mostly long afternoons at the beach and … nothing.

Maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit (because it feels so good to imagine it that way!).  I do schedule a few sessions — only time-sensitive ones, though — like newborn and maternity — or spur-of-the-moment ones.  I do lots of catching up on the business side of things in the summertime.  I plan to “go green” with my contracts and welcome packets going forward, so there’ll be the logistics of making that change.   Ooooh … and I’ve got a really exciting project in the works for September that will marry my love for kids, books and photography.  Stay tuned for that announcement!

For now, here are some faves from a session that do that pretty well, too.  There aren’t many things that are cuter than babies wearing glasses reading books, dontcha think?  Or babies blowing bubbles with big sisters … or big sisters choreographing cartwheels …

Westchester Family Photographer_001 Westchester Family Photographer_002 Westchester Family Photographer_003 Westchester Family Photographer_004 Westchester Family Photographer_005 Westchester Family Photographer_006 Westchester Family Photographer_007

Thanks for looking!