June 11, 2013

Sticky, Sticky, Stuck! | A Giveaway

Summer’s almost here, folks, and I know we’re all counting down the days for the end-of-year craziness to come to an end.  June’s just insane, isn’t it?  Funny thing is, unless your kids go to sleepaway camp from June 21st to September 9th (September NINTH? Seriously?), the next phase of the year promises a whole ‘nother flavor of crazy.  Once school ends, we (and the kids) have no sooner finished exhaling that sigh of relief over no longer  needing to be in eight different places at any given time before we realize —  the kids don’t need to be ANYWHERE.  Anywhere except home.  Yeah, the kids are home ALL THE TIME.   Whoa.

This realization always inspires me to draft up a summer bucket list — a list of things I want for us all to do together during those twelve weeks of nothing-to-do-ness.  But even if we were to cross everything off the list (and we never do), that still leaves a LOT of hours.  So, all of us end up being left to our own devices for a lot of hours.   And this is a good thing, mostly.  But … these things that we fill the hours with can sometimes … pull us apart.

Which is why I’m really excited to be telling you about a brand new book published by Harper Collins and written by our very own Pelham local author, MIKE GUTCH!

Sticky, Sticky, Stuck-2

“Sticky, Sticky, Stuck!” is a fun little story about family togetherness.  It’s great for little kids, and is also a nice reminder to us grown-ups that there’s more to family togetherness than just being together in the same room.  Now, we all know that The Life in Your Years Photography is all about family togetherness.  And as the person behind the camera (and, ahem, the computer), I can tell you that I could definitely use an occasional reminder of just that.   So you can be sure that there are several summer readings of this book in my immediate future … and a whole lotta peanut butter and honey sandwiches, too.

I’m happy to let you know that Mike has promised a signed copy of “Sticky, Sticky, Stuck!” to one of my blog readers!  Want one?  All you’ve got to do is comment on this post and you’ll be in the running.  I’ll select a name randomly on the last day of school — June 21st.  Want an extra chance to win?  Share this post on Facebook and let me know you’ve done so in the comments (the little facebook icon on the bottom left of this post makes it super easy).  Care to really stack the deck and get your name in the hat THREE times?  Hop on over to the LYYP Facebook page (via the cute little tab in the header up top) and like the page (on the top right)  and your odds of winning get even better.

Now, the last thing I want to do in the second-to-last week of school is stress you out over WHAT you’ll write in your comment.  It can be anything — really!  “Hi, how are you?  I like books!”  or “Yeah, I stepped in bubble gum once,” or “I met Mike Gutch at a party last year ….”  (if you choose that last suggestion, keep in mind that this is a FAMILY blog and keep the details short and sweet, please! 😉 )  Be creative, be boring — it doesn’t matter.  Any comment puts you in the running.

Ready, set, go.  Good luck!

~ Jaye


****** AND THE WINNER IS …. BARBARA KLEIN!  *********

Thanks to all you other book lovers for entering the giveaway.  Mike asked me to tell you that “Sticky, Sticky, Stuck!” is available on Amazon, and that he’d be happy to sign your copy (and/or dance with you at the next party) if you purchase your own!