June 7, 2013

Triggers | Westchester Family Photography

It seems that whenever I go over to photograph this fun Westchester family (this is my seventh time, if my count’s correct!), there’s some sort of adventure or mishap in the works.  There was that time I got run over by their green jeep (a toy jeep, of course!).  Or the time the little guy locked himself in his room while mom was getting everyone ready and dad had to climb up a ladder and through a window to retrieve him, or this last time when baby sister cut her hand while sitting playing with the nails scissor that had just been used to get everyone all spiffed up.  And the best may have been when little brother used the clippers to shave part of his head a week before the session!  (You really can’t tell, thanks to an expert comb-over).  No matter what happens, though, the smiles never seem to be dampened.  All four kids continue to climb and play and smile, and mom and dad just roll with it.

So, you wouldn’t know, looking at the photos, that pure chaos had reigned just moments before.  But I know that when mom looks at them — this week and in five years and in twenty — that these photos will zap her right back to that time, and that she’ll laugh and shake her head.  And remember.  Speaking from experience, I can say that it does get easier.  There’s something awesome about the chaos, though, and I’m glad they’ll have these photos to trigger those memories.

Westchester Family Photographer_011Westchester Family Photographer_010 Westchester Family Photographer_009 Westchester Family Photographer_008 Westchester Family Photographer_007 Westchester Family Photographer_006 Westchester Family Photographer_005 Westchester Family Photographer_004 Westchester Family Photographer_003 Westchester Family Photographer_002 Westchester Family Photographer_001

These guys have a picture wall with photos from all six of our previous session, showing their family’s growth in size and number over the years — I posted a photo of it HERE.  I love that they’re enjoying those photos every day.

Thanks for looking!


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