July 24, 2019

Winter Photography Session at Home | Moving House

This latest winter photography session at home is the third house I’ve documented this family’s life in.  I’ve chronicled them since baby brother came home to the family’s first home in Pelham, through their move the pretty Armonk windmills, and now to their forever home.  Getting to know them and watching their personalities grow and develop has been a pleasure.  (You can see their last session HERE and click back from there to see how they’ve grown …) Winter Photography Session at HomeProof that home is where the heart is, this beautiful family of six always brings the fun.

(PS. While these guys always have their family lifestyle photography sessions at home, they frequently take advantage of my annual Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Event.  Don’t know what that is?  Well, you’d better pay close attention to this space, or – better yet – subscribe to my newsletter below.  I dare say it’s one of the best deals in family photography around, and you’ll be hearing about this year’s event some time in September).

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Remember this was beautiful.