April 4, 2018

Windmill Walk | Family Photography Armonk

This family introduced me to family photography in Armonk.  Former Pelham residents (whom I’ve photographed since little brother was a newborn), they moved a-way up north a couple of years ago.  (Their last session was also in Armonk, and you can see it HERE if you like)…Family Photography Armonk

It’s not that far, really.  The feel, though, is totally different.  From the morning routines in their sprawling ranch home to some antics in their giant backyard to a walk around the community’s windmill park, there’s just so much SPACE.  Space for this gorgeous family to run and play and be themselves and enjoy each other.  That, to me, is what family photography is all about, and so it suit me just fine.

If you’re in Armonk and are looking for a family photographer, be sure to drop me a line, ‘kay?

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Armonk Family Photographer