April 10, 2018

In Their Words | Briarcliff Manor Family Photographer

“As the mom of 2.5 yr old and 9mo old girls, I am constantly meaning to take a step back and soak it all in, and rarely find the time to do so.   That’s why I called Jaye. My sister booked a session with Jaye last year and I cried watching her slideshow – it was amazing how well it captured the personality of her family. At that moment I showed my husband and said we are doing this.
I wanted to wait until our youngest had some personality so we scheduled our session for when she was 7mo old. I wanted Jaye to capture the innocence of my kids right now, their love for eachother, and the wonder that they see in everything around them. I wanted to be able to look back at the photos years from now and remember not just what they looked like but who they were. I have never been particularly photogenic and I’m not so comfortable in front of a camera, so the candid nature of Jaye’s shoots was really appealing to me. I told my oldest daughter that we were going to have a friend come over for the morning to play with us and that she wanted to see all of her favorite games and books and toys.
The session was just what I expected. Jaye is wonderful with kids and so despite the usual chaos of a morning at my house, she got my 2yr old to perform and didn’t witness a meltdown until the very end :). And when meltdown time came, she was ready with mini marshmallows! When we saw the photo slideshow, both my husband and I (and our parents and our siblings…) had tears in our eyes. They were so beautiful and captured our girls in every way. We picked four of our favorites to hang front and center in our living room, and we will be using the rest as smaller prints and gifts for a long time. At least until our next shoot with Jaye!! We are so grateful for the photographs and we couldn’t recommend Jaye more.”

Morning Dance Party!This one’s been the header of my blog page since soon after the session. 🙂Briarcliff Manor Family Photographer

This is new, guys.  Did you see?  I’m outsourcing some of my blog post writing to my wonderful clients.  I’ve asked them to write anything they want — from their thoughts on their session to anything at all — and I’m loving what’s happening. 🙂  I hope to be sharing more “In Their Words” posts going forward.

This family?  Awesome.  Big sister just looooooooves her baby and when baby sister occasionally stopped chewing on those delicious feet, you could see that the feeling was mutual.   Some of the photos of the two of them together fall within the category I have in my mind of “photos that siblings will stick to their freshman college dorm room walls with putty”,  and I love realizing that.

As for me, I loved working with this new LYYP family and I’m looking forward to many more sessions with them!  (If you’re looking for a Briarcliff Manor family photographer, I hope you’ll give me a call!)

Thanks for looking,

~ Jaye

Briarcliff Manor Family Photographer