July 25, 2019

In Their Words | Scarsdale Family Photographer

Yay!  It’s another “In Their Words” post! By way of introduction … I would like to say that as a Scarsdale Family Photographer, I take pride in making people cry. Happy tears are the greatest gift you can give me, people. Well, this week the tables were turned. Your guest blogger today is the mom of this absolutely adorable ball of energy. Having introduced her, I’m going to admit up front that her words made me cry.  Scroll and enjoy.  Scarsdale Family Photographer

“In the run up to our photo session, I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to let our daughter wear whatever made her happy the morning of the shoot. My husband was never going to wear anything other than a button down. So, all that was left was for me to belabor my own outfit. I bought something new, tried on my whole closet, drove my friends crazy with ugly mirror selfies making them pick which outfit they liked better. I did all of this knowing that no one was going to be looking at me in the final prints. Our daughter would be the star of the show. Everyone I know has been looking at my face for 46 years, she’s only been around for three. Plus, she’s adorable. 
Then I did happen upon this jean jacket for her. It was a bit oversized, with a tiny embroidered flower on the front and a big embroidered rainbow heart on the back. The word ‘loved,’ was spelled out in red underneath the heart. It struck me then, that what I wanted most of all, was for Ally to be able to look at the photos and see that she is loved. I wanted that feeling captured in a memory for her. The goal of any photo is to capture a feeling really. But, I wanted these particular photos to be special. To reflect back to her how much she meant to us at that exact time in her life and place.
The process of the photo session itself unfolded unexpectedly and surprisingly. I did not once think of outfits or hair or me. No anxiety. No stress out. We laughed, danced and played right through. Time flew by, and at the end I felt like we all needed a nap and that Jaye became our new best family friend. 
Next came the waiting. The checking my email every few minutes knowing full well nothing was coming immediately. I would feel so proud of myself when I got distracted and forgot to check for a few hours. The only thing that helped me find patience in waiting was something Jaye told us during the session. She said ‘when you see me taking so many pictures, it’s not because I’m not getting anything, it’s because I’m getting so many.’ Those words gave me hope that all of our photos weren’t going to showcase my husband’s eyes closed, my 3 chins, and our daughter’s crazy smile she only makes for photos.
Then they came. A few Instagram teasers so amazing, I texted everyone in my family and made them immediately follow Jaye on Insta. Then the slide show. The slideshow accompanied by a song, I’d never heard before, ‘Life is Better with You,” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Photo by photo, note by note, the images went by. Each one reflecting all I’d hoped for. Love. Turns out wonky eyes, weird smiles and multiple chins really don’t play any part at all when you have a photographer focusing on your family’s love and loving you right back. 
Magic. All of it.  I now have treasured photos to remind us about that time and place. Those special moments. And I will carry with me the value in just letting the love shine through. 

Gosh, I’m lucky to be doing what I do.  And the reminder of what that means to my people is just simply the best thing ever.

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