March 18, 2019

Rakish Boys | Family Photography in Bronxville

There’s nothing like the morning energy in a home full of boys.  Especially when it’s been raining for a couple of days and the sun has finally decided to come out.  I’ve hung out with this family a few times before (last time HERE), and I think what stands out from all their sessions (other than, you know, the floor to ceiling windows in the first floor and the super-cool trellised backyard) are the three boys’ rakishness.  Now, rakishness isn’t a word I’ve ever used before meeting these boys.  Honestly, never.  But when you need a word like rakish, there’s no other word that will do, and it fits these boys to a T.  High energy, high adventure, and big fun.  All in the space of a couple of hours one early weekday morning.That last one will be the cover of their first album, amiright?

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