November 2, 2017

Bronxville Home Session

I had a wonderful visit with this Bronxville family at home a few weeks ago for their second LYYP session (The first one is HERE).  It’s always fun to be met with this kind of anticipation 😉
Bronxville Home Session

Watching the dynamic between the three boys – with their very different personalities — still has me laughing.  It always amazes me how different siblings in the same family can be from each other.  (I, if anyone, should know this, but it still amazes me.  We played, we danced, we climbed on to the top of the big rock wall in the backyard (and built another wall with bricks), we danced and we chatted.  Holding a  photography session at home means you really get to see the ins and outs of a family — from their snacking habits to playing with the family cat to the way mom’s always fixing the boys’ (awesome) hair to the way the boys eat up the attention of grandma and big cousins – houseguests for the weekend.   It’s a good story, right?

Hope you enjoyed the highlights from this Bronxville home session.

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