October 24, 2017

2017 Voice Collection Finalist

Whoa.  I’m absolutely honored (and flabbergasted) to have had one of my images chosen (from among 45,000 entries!) to be included in the 2017 Voice Collection.  I took this while waiting for my little Upper-West-Side moved to Seattle family to join my in Central Park one rainy afternoon last April.  (They’re HERE!)  This gallery of images is truly a drop dead gorgeous collection and you should definitely check it out!

The entire Collection can be viewed HERE (and in the next print issue of Click Magazine! Yay!).  Look for mine in the “Culture and Travel” category.

Thanks for looking,


Edited to add: Maybe the coolest thing about being included in this collection is that I finally get to see my work in Click, the amazing family photography magazine.  I’m waiting for the hard copy to arrive in my mailbox, but the digital copy cam out yesterday.  Looks great ….. 😉