July 26, 2017

Travel | New York Photographer

Seeing this family for photographs this past spring planted a seed in me.  Or maybe seeing them fertilized a seed that’s been there for a while, but is suddenly feeling more ripe to germinate and blossom.  It’s a travel seed.

I love to travel.  And I love to take photos of families – to tell their stories.  Families are everywhere.  Have I reached a chapter in my own family’s story when I can combine these two things I love …. combining business and pleasure?

While you and I ponder that for a moment, let’s talk about this sweet family.  The first time I photographed them (some faves from their last session are HERE), they were still living in NY and still waiting for brother’s arrival.  They were still in NY when he was super tiny and they spent many an afternoon enjoying Central Park.  Not too long after his arrival, they moved to Seattle.  When they told me they were coming back for a visit to NY to celebrate brother’s first birthday, I was thrilled.  And the location choice was obvious.

During the session and in our conversations afterwards, we all talked about how great it would be if they could come to NY every year for little brother’s birthday.  And the it occurred to me … what’s stopping me from telling the next chapter of their story in Seattle?

So, it’s a seed.  Logistically, it would only work during certain times of the year and I’d need at least 2-3 families booked to make travel to another location work.  My thought is that pricing would be the same, but you’d need to pre-pay for one of my collections instead of having the luxury of waiting until you’ve seen your images.

What do you think?  Would you like for me travel to you in 2018?  Can we tell your story in your home or a place that matters to you?  Let’s brainstorm this together. 😉 Drop me a line HERE or email me at jayemcl@gmail.com if this is something you might be interested in!

Thanks for looking,