August 28, 2017

I’m Back | Fall Status

Friends, I’m taking down the “Gone Fishing” sign that has resided here at the top of the LYYP blog since late June.  You know the one — my annual post telling visitors about LYYP’s summer status and listing out all the wonderful things the summer bucket list holds.  (And compiling lots of summer reading for all those imaginary LYYP followers who simply cannot get enough LYYP content during the warmer months 😉

As of today, summer’s over for me.  And this summer was one for the books.  In typical “me” fashion, I’ll be continuing to share about the last two months well into the fall, I’m sure.    Something about living-summer-to-the-fullest inevitably leads to falling behind on the uploading, culling, editing and posting in the somewhat organized manner that I require from myself.  And that’s OK.  Says me, that’s who.

There’s one BIG life event from this summer that you already know about if you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram or my personal FB account.  My baby girl is now living at college in another state.  This is good news.  She’s ready, she’s excited, and she’s 100% up for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead.  I’m OK too, for all the same reasons.  But I have to tell you one thing.  In case you don’t know.  In case you don’t believe all the cutesy sayings the old ladies in the supermarket lines have been bestowing on you since you started schlepping teething babies and writhing toddlers through your daily routines.

It’s going to happen to you.

Way sooner than you realize.

So, pay attention.

And … if you’ll pardon the opportunistic pitch … book your family session while you still can! 😉

I’ve got a few more Weekday Mini Sessions available this fall, and a couple more weekday lifestyle session openings in November.  Go HERE to inquire.  And stay tuned here for lots more summer re-capping and unveiling of LYYP future plans.

Thanks for looking,