April 6, 2016

When we lived in NYC | NYC Family Photographer

Dad is finishing up his business degree. This summer, they head out to Seattle for a new job and a new life as a family of four. They wanted to celebrate their time in New York with a session, and chose their favorite park as the location to tell their story. (If you don’t know this, anyone who lives in a NYC apartment with a two year old has at least one — and probably several — favorite parks). I was thrilled that they chose me to be their NYC family photographer.  We danced, we walked, we watched the doggies in the dog park, we blew bubbles, we took pictures. So fun …

NYC Family Photographer_0002 NYC Family Photographer_0003 NYC Family Photographer_0004 NYC Family Photographer_0005 NYC Family Photographer_0006 NYC Family Photographer_0008 NYC Family Photographer_0009 NYC Family Photographer_0010 NYC Family Photographer_0011 NYC Family Photographer_0012
NYC Family Photographer_0015 NYC Family Photographer_0016 NYC Family Photographer_0017 NYC Family Photographer_0018 NYC Family Photographer_0019 NYC Family Photographer_0020 NYC Family Photographer_0021 NYC Family Photographer_0007 NYC Family Photographer_0013 NYC Family Photographer_0014

I know I mentioned this when I posted THIS favorite on my Facebook page, but this little girl has the most awesome deep belly laugh you have ever heard.  Seriously — the first time I heard it come out of her tiny little girl body, I didn’t know what to do.  Every time she let it go after that, I just laughed along.  I’m still laughing just thinking about it!

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NYC Family Photographer