April 7, 2016

Dreams Come True | New York Family Photographer

I already shared two sneak peeks from this session HERE and you’ve seen this family many times before — most recently in baby brother’s newborn session HERE.  I’ll tell ya.  Big sister has always been a favorite of mine to photograph, but little chubby bro is giving her a serious run for her money.  And another thing.  Before the session, Mom made  a sideways reference to only wanting this most recent session to be about the kids.  She even told someone (someone who cannot be trusted to keep secrets from me!) that she was considering not getting dressed or putting on makeup, thinking that might deter me from including her in the pictures.  Well, it’s a good thing this crazy idea got back to me.  I told Mom that I was NOT going to let her get away with that.  And will you look a these pictures?!?  What do you think when you look at these pictures?  Do you think “wow, I wish there were more photos of big sis and baby boy alone”?  No, you do NOT!  You think, what a gorgeous mama, and LOOK how those kiddos LOVE her!   More importantly, what do you think these two kiddos will think when they look at these pictures in thirty years?  Maybe, “Sheesh, mom, I wish you had stayed out of the frame that day?”  NO WAY!  You’ve given them a gift, mama, and I’m glad we had this talk because those silly thoughts are NOT to enter your mind again.  (Note:  You’re looking great too, Dad.  I just didn’t get wind of you considering bowing out of the session. ;))  Anyway, these are just a few faves.  Enjoy …NY Baby Photographer_0001 NY Baby Photographer_0002 NY Baby Photographer_0003 NY Baby Photographer_0004 NY Baby Photographer_0005 NY Baby Photographer_0006 NY Baby Photographer_0007 NY Baby Photographer_0008 NY Baby Photographer_0009 NY Baby Photographer_0011 NY Baby Photographer_0012 NY Baby Photographer_0013 NY Baby Photographer_0014 NY Baby Photographer_0015 NY Baby Photographer_0016 NY Baby Photographer_0017 NY Baby Photographer_0018 NY Baby Photographer_0019 NY Baby Photographer_0020 NY Baby Photographer_0021 NY Baby Photographer_0022 NY Baby Photographer_0023

I shared a fun photo on Facebook and Instagram that some might call an “outtake.”  Big sister has always had a lot of spunk, and some of her responses to baby brother’s antics were too priceless to leave on the cutting room floor.  (Alright, alright, so they just might be my favorites.  Can you disagree?)
NY Baby Photographer_0024 NY Baby Photographer_0025 NY Baby Photographer_0026

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