March 11, 2019

New House | Family Photography in Connecticut

If you look at this mom’s instagram feed on any given day (but especially around one of her boys’ birthdays), you can read how she feels about time and her boys and her time with her boys.  She’s basically the ideal LYYP client and my photo soul-sister.  An excerpt from today’s post:

“7. I would freeze time if I could.  Not just here in this picture, but right now.  It’s all going by too fast with these boys and I want more time with my babies …”

Yes, this was point seven on today’s photo (taken soon after the cutie with the blanket was born, almost 7 years ago).  I met this crew six months after the photo she posted was taken, and have seen them at least once a year for photos ever since.  Her enthusiasm for every moment with her boys has never waned – honestly, not for a second.  It hasn’t always been easy, but she has never lost sight of what was/is most important.  I’m always happy, excited and proud to show her what her love looks like through my lens.
Last year’s session is HERE and you can click back almost seven years from there if you’ve got the time.  Browse through, if you like.  It’ll make you smile.

Thanks for looking,