October 9, 2017

She Gets Me | Connecticut Photographer

This mama, she gets me.  I’ve been photographing her with her kiddos since her youngest was a baby.  The first time I spoke to her on the phone, I knew we were a match.

She gets me.

Not to make this about me … What I mean is that she values these photos the way I do.  She knows, urgently, that the now is only now for a short, short time.  Every single moment with her boys is a moment that she wants to hold onto.  And these photos are a way for her to do just that.

Every year, this lovely mama purchases my storybook package.  Because we get each other, I could probably design her book without any input from her.  I know what she likes; I know which are her favorites.  But sitting with her every fall and enjoying her annual photos together recharges me in a way that I really, really thrive on.  These are not just pretty pictures.  These are not just markers of growth.  They’re beautiful moments.  Captured and saved because every single one is appreciated.   They’re proof of her love for her boys and her appreciation for every single moment she has with them.

Providing that for somebody who values it that much?  Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Thanks for looking,