New Client Guide | Shop Window

I’ve been slowly sharing the fun little pieces of my new Client Guide here on the blog, and what’s more fun than the FINAL PRODUCT?  If you know me or have been around the LYYP block a few times, you know that I feel strongly about your photos becoming something tangible in your hands – not just little potential bits of happiness, trapped inside the mysterious workings of your computer hard drives.  To put it another way, … “Mama, don’t let your jpegs grow up to be jpegs.”  Goofy, I know – but I love it.

So!  The LYYP Shop Window is where you go when you’re super excited about having these jpeg babies in your hands and I haven’t yet come over and helped you try everything on for size in person.  Check it out by clicking the photo below.  So many pretty things …


Product Guide

Thanks for looking,

~ Jaye


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