July 22, 2018

With the Blue Eyes | Bronxville Family Lifestyle Photography

It’s been a long time since the days I had a house full of toddlers and babies.  Hanging with these little blue-eyed ladies and their parents brought me right back.

The sweetness.  The deliciousness.  The cuddles.  The happy squeals to frustrated tears volatility.  The physicality of it all.  The love.  The blurriness, really, that comes with living all that every day.

My favorite thing to do is to show people that whole range.  Because, as I know from experience, it’s hard to notice the beauty of that whole picture while you’re in it, and even harder to remember as time marches on and each crazy phase is replaced by another.

I first met this beautiful Bronxville family at their free Christmas Card Micro Mini Session last November.  Can’t wait to work with them again.

Thanks for looking,


Bronxville Family Photographer.