Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Event | 2017 Highlights

It was ages ago, of course, but every time I sit down and blog a 2018 family lifestyle session and begin reminiscing about the (sometimes) first time I met each family at the free Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Event last year, I’m reminded that I never did share any of the photos here on the ol’ LYYP blog.

So.  Here they are!  A selection of the many great photos from those three Saturdays in November when I held the FREE Christmas Card Micro Mini Session event for 2018 clients.  I spoke at length in THIS POST about how my reason for being head-over-heels in love with family photography does not have anything to do with holiday card photos, buuuuuuuut …. the truth is that holiday card photos are part of life as a family, and darned if we didn’t have a really good time.  (Some of these are ones that may not have made it on the holiday card, but I guarantee they’ll make you smile).

mini session eventmini session eventmini session event

For those of you who might be wondering, I DO plan to offer these free micro mini sessions again in 2018.  First dibs to available slots will go to my LYYP Baby Planners.  Next, all families who have booked 2019 family lifestyle sessions get to pick.  After that, they’re released to my LYYP Newsletter Subscribers who choose to book a 2019 session.  After that, they’re pretty much up for grabs.

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