July 3, 2018

Welcome to the Family | Westchester Newborn Photography

Here’s what I love about Westchester newborn photography.  Pictures of cute and curly, tiny and wrinkly new babies, yes.  But there’s so much more than that.  It’s a glimpse into a magical time.  Sometimes a baby is what turns a couple into a family.  That’s always fun – the wonder and awe and exhaustion in the parents – the sense you get that as many books they may have read and as much advice they may have been given by family and friends, they had no idea how life changing an event the actual arrival would be.  That, in itself, is fun to capture.

But to me, the most fun kinds of Westchester newborn photography sessions are when a newborn is being welcomed into the chaos of an amply populated, well established family.  Like this one, for example.  Big brother and sister are still small, but they’ve been around for a while in the scheme of things.  They haven’t really read any books on this (I mean, let’s be honest – those big brother/big sister books don’t really convey the change that’s coming for them).  Any advice people have given them has largely blown right over their heads.  All they know is that mommy’s back from the hospital with this tiny little creature who’s getting a lot of attention, grandma and grandpa have come in from out of town to meet this little creature and to play with them, and everything seems to be changing.  Add a couple of English bulldogs to the mix and you’ve got the perfect glimpse into my favorite kind of Westchester newborn photography session.


Westchester Newborn Photography

In case you didn’t know, the LYYP Baby Plan is perfect for families like these – we all know it goes fast, and we all know we’ll be hard pressed to remember these beautiful details during this chaotic time of rapid change.  You can’t possible rememeber everything, but the Baby Plan will get the good stuff.

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Westchester Newborn Photography