June 28, 2018

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Oh, you guys.

Sometimes I wonder if my photography business is in fact a mere photography business OR whether it’s actually a portal to wonderful people all over the world that I’m supposed to meet but would never have otherwise met.  (Does that make sense?  Oh, it doesn’t matter.  I know what I mean ;)).

This family.  One little morning spent photographing their everyday day in their home in Connecticut and I felt like I’d known them for ages.

Connecticut in home photography

Also. That house.  Mom designed it herself and they built it from the ground up.  Each little nook an cranny is deliberately thought out and planned and they use every inch.  Those big giant windows mean that the light is dreamy in every room.

And then there’s the regular stuff — the stuff that, if I’ve done my job, you don’t need for me to tell you, because the pictures say it all.   (But I’ll give you the Cliff Notes anyway — the way the two big brothers play like puppies.  How they adore their baby sister.  How the feeling’s obviously mutual.  The way all three worship their mama.  The love between mom and dad – the love that started it all).

It’s all in there.  All in a days work with Connecticut at home photography.

How lucky am I?