June 24, 2018

Happy Father’s Day 2018

Over the past several years, I’ve enjoyed sharing some favorite Dad photos on my LYYP social media channels during the week leading up to Father’s Day.  It occurred to me this week that with social media as impermanent as it is, it’d be nice to have those photos here, in my somewhat more permanent LYYP journal.   I’m a week late in sharing, but hey – it’s never too late to appreciate a good dad, right?

Father’s Day

Here’s a fun fact – I used to be afraid of dads.  I shied away from family photography because I felt intimidated by the dads, who never seemed quite as pumped for their sessions as the mom or the kids.  Not anymore.  I see these photos through the eyes of  the future, all grown up kids, and I know how much they’ll be cherished.

And some of my favorite compliments come dads who say their sessions weren’t nearly as bad as they thought they’d be … or even that they’re actually fun!

So, happy one-week anniversary of Father’s Day 2018, I guess.

Thanks for looking,