May 7, 2018

Growth | New York Photographer

The big sister in this family was born over a month early when mom was away at a business trip in Baltimore.

Sometimes I like to think back on the early, early years of LYYP.  Imagine myself reviewing the photos from those early sessions.  Then imagine myself imagining what life would look like for those same families now — over seven years later.

This family is one that always gets me thinking/talking about how fast life moves and how much change life brings and how FAST life brings changes we never could have imagined.  My last session with them is HERE, and you can click back to read about what life was like for them in the days after that surprise arrival, then during Sandy, and then when they moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, and when baby brother arrived (and even at some points in between that did not have such memorable markers but are beautiful just the same).  So much change all the time.

Recently, mom asked in an Instagram post whether anyone had a freeze ray.  I reminded her that – yes – I did.  (I wish I could REALLY freeze time sometimes, but these photos are as close as it gets!)

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