May 4, 2018

Bronxville Brothers | Family Photography Session in Bronxville

LYYP isn’t only for little kids, you know.  Take this Family Photography Session in Bronxville.

I know better than anyone that once kids reach a ‘certain age’, they get tougher to photograph.  They’re not necessarily too very excited to have a camera in their faces.  I know the look well — I call it the “Really, mom?” look, and I get it fairly often in my house when I pull out my camera in the presence of my teenagers.


They’re still your babies. (They’ll always be your babies).  The existence of that look does not mean that they — their sweet faces, their snarky expressions, the way they regress 10 years when their little brother tickles them —  are any less worth capturing.  And MAN, if that adoring look little brother gives him isn’t something that will bring a tear to your eye until your dying day, then you’ve got a hard, hard heart.

Here’s the thing.  Just like I can crack the facade of any reluctant dad, win over any unruly toddler or settle any fussy baby, I can get through to your teenager and give you photos of him that you’ll treasure forever.  Trust me on this.  It’s my super power.

Thanks for looking,