May 4, 2018

Moments of the Month | January 2018

Hey, I’ve made it into 2018!  (I WILL catch up, I WILL catch up, I WILL!)  January tends to be a quiet month around here picture – wise.  I usually spend it recovering from the busy end-of-year craziness, both personal and professional.  My baby girl was home for most of the month and we celebrated her 19th (!) birthday at home (and on Broadway ;).  This has me wondering … how will I be away from my second born on his birthday next year???

The month was busy enough with family visits, baby sessions, a casino night fundraiser, a college drop-off and dinner with a friend in Boston, and preparing for and holding my very first LYYP Freeze Ray Basics class.  It was fun!

Three more Moments of the Months blog posts, friends, and I’ll be officially caught up!

Thanks for looking,