February 25, 2017

New York Family Photographer

I’ve been this bunch’s New York Family Photographer since big sister was a teensy weensy thing — no seriously, she was TINY.  This is one of those families that, I’ll bet, you feel like you know if you’ve been following this blog for a while.  Big sis has such an energy about her — such a spark — that I find myself posting more photos of her than I might of the average kid.  Without trying to, she illustrates all kinds of emotions through the course of a session.   Comes in handy.  Her baby brother, with his big blue eyes and quite opposite set of features, is proving to be just as much fun for this New York family photographer.  And mom and dad are really the icing on the cake.  You can see their last session HERE — back when baby brother was at that most delicious and chubby round eight month age (my faaaaavorite!), and if you like, you can click all the way back to when big sis was a long-lashed preemie in Brooklyn. Enjoy …

New York Photographer_0001New York Photographer_0002New York Photographer_0003New York Photographer_0004New York Photographer_0005New York Photographer_0006New York Photographer_0007New York Photographer_0008New York Photographer_0009New York Photographer_0010New York Photographer_0011New York Photographer_0012New York PhotographerNew York Photographer_0014New York Photographer_0015New York Photographer_0016New York Photographer_0017New York Photographer_0018On this beautiful New York morning in late fall, it was wonderful to tell this latest chapter of their story.

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New York Family Photographer