September 21, 2017

New Client Guide | What to Wear

This question is really up there in the most frequently asked questions category, I tell ya.  What do we wear??    (The other ones are HERE, in case you didn’t know).

Here’s the thing — this is YOUR story and I really don’t feel like it’s my place to tell you what to wear for your story.  I will tell you what the goal is — to balance looking and feeling your best with wearing something practical to reflect who you are and to allow you to comfortably and authentically be with your family.  And I’ll tell you the best way to figure that out ahead of time, and some things to think about and to avoid when you do.  I also give some examples of some wardrobe choices that, in my opinion, hit the mark.  AND I remind you that, as with every step of the LYYP process, I’m right here, hoping you’ll drop me a line and get me involved in helping you decide.

So, go see!  Just click on the photo below to see the new Client Guide page.

What to Wear

My new Client Guide is hitting inboxes all over New York, Westchester County and Southern Connecticut as I help my clients get ready for their LYYP family lifestyle sessions.  Want to join their ranks? (Come on, you know you do!)  Just drop me a line.

Thanks for looking,