September 29, 2017

Happy | Westchester Lifestyle Newborn Photography

You guys.

This sweet thing was three weeks old on the day of my session, and soon after I got there, I woke her up by taking her out of her snuggly newborn cradle thingie, where she was happily snoozing away with a full belly.  (That’s one of the more ridiculous things I do as a Westchester Lifestyle Newborn Photographer – waking up newborns – I mean, there are only so many photos you can take of a baby sleeping soundly in her snuggly newborn cradle thingie).  It was OK, though.  She wasn’t mad.  Not only was she not mad, she gave me the sweetest smiles and happy expressions when I moved her to a new spot!  I’m not talking about those little sleep smiles or those gas-induced grimaces, you guys.  She was SMILING.  She was happy!

Now.  Newborns are nothing if not change-on-a-dime fickle.  Not long after our happy little conversation, that meal that had made her so happy started working its way down through her brand-new digestive system, and eventually we had some crankiness.  But this, too, was OK by me.  Not that I want babies to cry, of course, but I DO want parents to have a photo of their newborn baby crying.  I mean, that’s the real a lot of the time, right?  You want to remember what that looked like.  So, we got that.  But that’s not all.  What we also got was baby’s absolutely adorable parents coming together as a team to soothe this lucky little girl.  And that, if I’m honest, is my favorite part from this session.  When two people are in love come together to take care of a third person — their new joint everything?  That’s honestly really amazing to see.  And to capture.  Enjoy.

Westchester Lifestyle Newborn Photography

These three also made me happy by joining the ranks of my new Baby Plan Membership, which means I get to see them at least two more times before this sweet smiley thing turns one.  If you’re looking for someone to do your Westchester Lifestyle Newborn Photography, I’d love to tell your story.  Drop me a line, kay?

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