March 1, 2017

Scarsdale Photographer

From morning rise and shine to nap time, you can learn a lot about what life with two toddlers is like as a Scarsdale photographer.  When it’s little brother’s first birthday, there’s even more to celebrate.  Purchase Photographer_0021Scarsdale Photographer_0001Scarsdale Photographer_0002Scarsdale Photographer_0003Scarsdale Photographer_0004Scarsdale Photographer_0005Scarsdale Photographer_0006Scarsdale Photographer_0007Scarsdale Photographer_0008Scarsdale Photographer_0009Scarsdale Photographer_0010Scarsdale Photographer_0011Scarsdale Photographer_0012Scarsdale PhotographerScarsdale Photographer_0014Scarsdale Photographer_0015Endless exploration.  First wobbly steps.  Constant drool.  Rapid mood swings.  Fun with wrapping paper. Unbridled delight.  It’s hard to even notice it all as all these things happen in the space of less than a couple of hours, but man, when you look back on it … it’s pretty amazing.  So glad this family is making it a priority to remember by photographing their every day in Scarsdale as a family of four (plus two pooches).  This is my third session as their Scarsdale Photographer — you can see their last one HERE.

In the month of March, I’ll be making an effort to share more here on the LYYP blog.  I’ve still got sessions and personal photos to share from last year, but I’ll also be talking about useful (and fun!) stuff like taking better photos of your kids, spring cleaning your hard drives, printing your photos, and other cool stuff.  (Got a topic you’d like to hear about?  Tell me!)

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Scarsdale Photographer