March 2, 2017

Christmas Card Micro Mini Session Roundup 2016

Fall stayed late this year, which meant that holiday cards all over the area and beyond were graced with the brilliant reds and greens of fall foliage.  The third annual LYYP FREE Christmas Card Micro Mini Session event was a huge success!  Thanks again to Christ Church for allowing us to use their beautiful (and festive!) property.  Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0010Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0011Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0012Westchester County Newborn Photographer_0013

These photos, and many more favorites, were each captured in the tiny space of ten minutes.  It’s hectic, the energy is high, and we have a good time.

Tooootallly different than the experience of a full in home lifestyle session.  These are fast and furious.  Sometimes funny.  Always fun.  They’re a perk for LYYP clients who book full sessions because I KNOW that that all-important holiday card photo is like a rainbow unicorn — very, very hard to get.  So I get it for ya.  I’m looking forward to seeing all these faces again at their lifestyle sessions this year!

Thanks for looking,