March 4, 2017

Ireland 2016 | Mine

If you knew how many photos I had taken during the six days between December 27th and January 2nd in Ireland, you’d be amazed I cut the number here down as much as I did.  This trip (our third as a family), we visited Galway City, Westport and Ballymahon, with a few little stops on the way throughout Galway, Mayo and Longford Counties.  It was soooooo fun.  This photo has now been printed as a 20×40 standout mount and is hanging in our basement family room …

And this book has joined its many brothers in telling the story of our ongoing adventures.


A note to our dear Flanagan cousins who took such good care of us in Ballymahon toward the end of our trip — all our photos, including many from our time with you in Longford, are uploading now and I’ll send you a link soon in case you’d like any.

Thanks for looking,