May 26, 2015

Tonsils | Westchester Baby Photography

I’ve photographed this family several times before.  If you’re an LYYP client, they’ll no doubt look familiar to you even if you don’t know them — the lovely photos of mom and big sister from my first session with them are the subjects of one of my sample Lincoln Storybook Albums, and everyone’s always ooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing over how beautiful they are (the subjects AND the storybooks, of course).  This time, the occasion for our session was this guy:
Westchester Baby Photography_0001

Gasp.  Those eyes, right?  I had met this little guy before when he rocked a Christmas Card Micro Mini Session at a mere seven weeks old (and I’ll admit I was a little worried about that!), but this was when I really got to know him.

I knew it’d be fun, because I knew his big sister is a hilarious little fireball.  Westchester Baby Photography_0002

It was fun seeing how this sweet blue eyed boy fit into his family.  Westchester Baby Photography_0003 Westchester Baby Photography_0004 Westchester Baby Photography_0005Westchester Baby Photography_0016 Westchester Baby Photography_0006

He’s super strong at only five months!Westchester Baby Photography_0007 Westchester Baby Photography_0008

And big sister did not disappoint either.  She cracks me up.  When we headed into her room for some special big sister alone time, she warned me — “Don’t get to close to me — my tonsils are sore.”  Before I even had a chance to react to the warning, a huge, mischievous smile spread across her face and she asked “What are tonsils?”  I tell ya, kids say the darndest things. 😉Westchester Baby Photography_0009 Westchester Baby Photography_0010 Westchester Baby Photography_0011 Westchester Baby Photography_0012 Westchester Baby Photography_0013 Westchester Baby Photography_0014 Westchester Baby Photography_0015I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to photograph this beautiful family!

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