May 26, 2015

Bornded That Way | Westchester Family Photography

I have a favorite quote from this session. I may not have it word-for-word correct, but the important words are right. We were talking about how these two sisters, who get along swimmingly and are great friends, have very different personalities.  Younger sister, on the left, came ready for action with multiple outfit changes and a camera-ready smile.  Older sister, on the right, was ready in a different way.  She vehemently declined the many dresses and accessories mom had brought for her to wear, but she had SO many tricks to show me — from climbing fences to running down hills to hanging from trees and everything in between. Westchester Family Photography_0005Westchester Family Photography_0004Westchester Family Photography_0014Westchester Family Photography_0018

At one point, little sister was watching big sister with confusion and amazement.  “Where did she get that energy? And, WHY?” she seemed to be wondering.  And then, she posed the question to mom:  “Was she just bounded that way?”  I love it.

Despite their differences, these two sisters are like two peas in a pod.  I loved capturing their different personalities, and of course — when smushed together with mom, dad and little brother, the love they have for their family.

Westchester Family Photography_0001

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I shared this one before too, but I like it too much to leave it out of this blog post!Westchester Family Photography_0023Thanks for looking!


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