June 1, 2015

We Really Are Happy | NY Lifestyle Photographer

“I want to see that we really are happy, because the minutia of life blocks me from seeing that on a daily basis.”

THIS is what mom wrote in her client questionnaire after booking a family lifestyle photography session with me.  She had just seen my 2014 “Thankful” video and it had made her cry.  And she decided she wanted me to capture their happiness.  That, to me, was a huge compliment.

After all, that’s kinda the LYYP mission statement.  My mission as a NY Lifestyle Photographer.  To show you the love. And the happiness. And the laughter. And the fun.  And the personalities.  Not just what you look like, but the best of who you are as a family during this chapter of your life.  I love it when people “get” what I’m trying to give them.

I think we met the challenge.NY Lifestyle Photographer_0001 NY Family Photographer_0002 NY Family Photographer_0003 NY Lifestyle Photographer_0004 NY Family Photographer_0005 NY Family Photographer_0006 NY Family Photographer_0007 NY Family Photographer_0008 NY Family Photographer_0009 NY Family Photographer_0010 NY Family Photographer_0011 NY Family Photographer_0012 NY Family Photographer_0013 NY Family Photographer_0014 NY Family Photographer_0015 NY Family Photographer_0016 NY Family Photographer_0017 NY Family Photographer_0018 NY Family Photographer_0019 NY Family Photographer_0020 NY Family Photographer_0021Adding to the enormity of that compliment is that mom is a photographer herself.  Check out her work, and some gorgeous portraits of these two little girls, over at Peanut and Pip Photography.

Thanks for looking!


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