February 2, 2015

You are my Happy | NY Child Photographer

This little girl.  You may not know her, but tell the truth — it makes you happy to look at pictures of her, doesn’t it?  She’s got it all — gorgeous looks, a bubbly, engaging personality, and a certain ‘spark’ — you really just kinda want to hang out with her, don’t you?

NY Child Photographer_0001 NY Child Photographer_0002 NY Child Photographer_0003 NY Child Photographer_0004 NY Child Photographer_0005 NY Child Photographer_0006 NY Child Photographer_0007 NY Child Photographer_0008 NY Child Photographer_0009

It goes without saying that her parents are head over heels for her, and I’m sure that their nurturing of all her gifts is what helps them blossom the way they do.  You, of course, have seen this little one several times before.  Most recently, I’m sure you’ve seen the ethereal “spinning” image in the 2014 LYYP Pic of the Year Contest Final Round.  (Have you voted?)  I also shared a few favorites back in the fall as a sneak peek.  And her past sessions are all here on the blog as well, going all the way back to her early arrival in this world.

I’m really looking forward to next time!

Thanks for looking,


NY Child Photographer