March 7, 2014

Lifestyle Photography as Good Pizza

Every once on a while, a session gets me thinking about what “lifestyle photography” is, and how my photos fit into the definition.   It’s a term that’s being used a lot these days, but its definition in practice can be as varied as the personalities of the photographers purporting to do it.    Attempting to define “lifestyle photography” is a lot like trying to define “good pizza” in the sense that it’s utterly subjective.   Do you care for a thin, crispy crust, or do you prefer it more doughy?  Heavy on the sauce, or heavy on the cheese?  You can debate whose pizza is the best forever and in the end, it won’t matter.  The issue ends up being more about what you are hungry for walking into the pizzeria than about the merits of any one pizza chef or combination of ingredients.

So, if lifestyle photography is pizza, what will you find in my pizzeria?   I’ll tell you what I’m striving for.  I want my photos to show you what this chapter of your story looks and feels like.  Not just clean faces and perfect poses and well-coordinated outfits, but interactions and relationships and real expressions and personalities.    And by “you”, I mean the collective you — including the “you” of right now, the “you” of thirty years from now, and the “you” that your kids will be when they go off to college or get married or have babies of their own.  Our memories can only hold on to so much –I want MY pizza to be that magical, tangible thing that zaps you back into this chapter — this now — where all these things exist, and allow you to see and feel them all over again.    With all fresh ingredients, delivered hot to your front door (hmmm ….. I think my analogy is breaking down).

What story do these photos tell?  Well, our littlest subject is obviously gorgeous, and just busting with personality.  But there’s much more to the story.  They show that mom and dad are absolutely smitten by her, and she knows it.  She’s comfortable and confident and happy because she’ so utterly secure in this knowledge.  It’s so nice to see — that’s what we all want for our kids, isn’t it?  (I digress!)  Enjoy the photos and see for yourself …

Lifestlyle-1Lifestyle Photography_0002 Lifestyle Photography_0003 Lifestyle Photography_0004 Lifestyle Photography_0005 Lifestyle Photography_0006 Lifestyle Photography_0007 Lifestyle Photography_0008 Lifestyle Photography_0009 Lifestyle Photography_0010 Lifestyle Photography_0011 Lifestyle Photography_0012 Lifestyle Photography_0013 Lifestyle Photography_0014 Lifestyle Photography_0015 Lifestyle Photography_0016 Lifestyle Photography_0017 Lifestyle Photography_0018 Lifestyle Photography_0019 Lifestyle Photography_0020 Lifestyle Photography_0021 Lifestyle Photography_0022 Lifestyle Photography_0023 There’s more to the story, too.  That secure feeling, that love, also comes from Grandma, who takes care of our littlest subject a few days a week when mommy and daddy are at work.  No shortage of love fort this little girl!Lifestyle Photography_0024 Lifestyle Photography_0025 Lifestyle Photography_0026

If you feel like you’ve seen this little lovely and her family before, it’s probably because I’ve been photographing her since her birth — and for some reason, this isn’t the first time a session with her has inspired me to write a rambling bunch of paragraphs about what I do when I wear my The Life in Your Years Photography hat, and why I love it.  You can see her last session HERE and read what she inspired me to say last time, if you so desire.

Thanks for looking! (Now, for some reason, I’m hungry for pizza).