March 5, 2014

2014 Spring Mini Sessions!

Watermarked Mini Session Info Blog-1

Good morning all.  So, you woke up this morning, looked out the window, and started thinking about spring, right?

No?  Me neither.  It’s still FREEZING out there, and my front lawn looks like a frozen tundra.  But spring WILL come!  It has to, right?  It always does.  So, I’m here to tell you about my 2014 Spring Mini Sessions.

Mini sessions are a great value, and a quick and easy way to get a photo update of your kids or your family. They make great birthday or Mother’s Day gifts, too. (It’s super easy to forward this info to your significant other as a little hint. If you want to go ahead and do that now, I’ll pretend that you and I never had this conversation).

BUT.  I must tell you straight off the bat that there are only TWO spots left.  I sent a newsletter out to subscribers yesterday, and all but these two were snatched right up!  So, you know what I’m saying … don’t wait!

Now, let’s quickly get into all the whos, whats, whens, wheres and whys.

Who: You and/or your kids (immediate family only)
What: A 20 minute spring mini session
When: Saturday, April 5 (rain date Sunday, April 6)
Where: At a local park TBD

Why: Because it’s FUN! (And also because, as Ferris Beuller would say, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”)

This special package includes:
* A 20 minute outdoor session at a Westchester park TBD
* Access to 8-10 watermarked image proofs in an online gallery for one week
* 3 digital files chosen from that gallery with printing rights

The price for the mini session package is $250 (plus tax).

Now, the obligatory fine print about what a mini session is not. It’s not for large or extended families. It’s not for babies who can’t sit up yet. And it’s not, well, a full lifestyle session. We need to be realistic about what can be accomplished in 20 minutes. This isn’t me getting deep into conversation and pretend games with your child to elicit and capture those genuine and varied expressions that you know and love. We may get a little of that, but it’s safe to assume that those “fly on the wall” type shots that you sometimes see around here and that provide a true glimpse into what your life right now is like will be reserved for the full lifestyle experience. Mini sessions are still plenty of fun, though. You can see some images from past spring mini sessions here and here to get an idea of what I’m talking about. (Those were so fun, weren’t they?)

To Book

Ready to book?  Call or email me to find out available times, then pay the package price to hold your spot. (You can do this by check or by using the paypal button  here …. your session is not confirmed until I receive your payment). Please note that the package amount is non-refundable unless I can find someone to fill your spot before the actual date.

I’m looking forward to a fun day.  Without a snowflake in sight.