March 3, 2014

Pelham Children’s Theater | Into the Woods Jr. Slideshow!

Have you ever been part of something so awesome and rewarding that when it’s done, you’re torn between getting back to your regular (and much neglected) life and rehashing the last few days in your mind?  (Or, say, in pictures?)  Yeah, well that’s me tonight.  I’ll be back to this space very soon with some words about PCT 2014 and instructions on how those involved can download the photos I took.  In the meantime, anyone who’d like to can enjoy the slideshow from today’s cast party is welcome to click below.  (For full effect, try to imagine 63 fifth and sixth graders screaming and singing along).

PCT 2014 Into the Woods Jr from The Life in Your Years on Vimeo.

[Update:  The PCT photos are ready for download!  If you’ve got a child in the cast, just click on the “proofing” tab in the menu above.  Enter the PCT password (the same one you used to get backstage on the PCT website)  and that will bring you to all the photos.  You can either download all the photos using the button on the top right of the page, or hover over each individual photo to download or share it directly to Facebook.  If you’ve forgotten the password or have any other questions, feel free to contact me through the “Contact” tab above.  Enjoy!]

We’re so proud of our talented actors, and grateful to the dedicated parent volunteers, generous local businesses, PCT alumni helpers and enthusiastic audience members who made this weekend’s shows such a great success!

If you’re on a PCT high and would like to see the slide show from last year, you can go HERE.

For me, it’s back, now, to regular life!

Thanks for looking …