March 3, 2013

Bye Bye Birdie | Pelham Children’s Theater

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We interrupt this steady stream of family lifestyle photography to present a small dose of fantastic community theater!

I first became involved with the Pelham Children’s Theatre in 2010 when my daughter performed in “Beauty and the Beast.”  PCT, which has been existence here in this tiny town for forty seven years, produces theater by children for children.  Every year, as far as I’m concerned, they do magic with a group of fifth and sixth grade actors.  It’s a true community effort, including talented directors, a dedicated Board, many parent volunteers, and a large group of alumni of the program who come back every year to help out and share in that incredible energy.

I haven’t had a child in the show for the last two years, but have been honored to serve on the Board as PCT’s photographer and publicity person.  Every year, I compile a slide show of photos of the process — from the rehearsals to the big day.  It’s presented on the last day at the cast party — the kids LOVE it.  As a parent of a performer myself, I thought it’d be nice make it available to the proud parents of these performers, too — so, here it is!  Enjoy your talented children, and try not to pop any more buttons as you watch their shining faces in this!

Congratulations to all you kids on a wonderful performance!

Here’s just one fave of Albert and Rosie, and there are a few more from the show here.

Bye Bye Birdie-1

UPDATE:  The individual photos from the slideshow are now available to download.  If you’re a parent of a Bye Bye Birdie Cast member and would like to download some photos, please email me at or use the contact button above, and I will send you a link and instructions for downloading them.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled stream of photos of smiling kids, chubby babies, and families having fun.

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