March 5, 2013

To Germany with Love | NYC Baby Photographer

When this mama first contacted me to talk about doing some photos as a surprise for her husband’s birthday, I learned that this little trio is here in NY from Germany for a temporary two year stay.  In my own mind, I immediately calculated that this darling nine month old probably will NOT remember his time as a true New Yorker, living in the heart of the city.  Not to worry!  These photos, and the ones that mama is taking as she explores life in this amazing city, will keep the memories fresh for both of his parents so that they can tell little guy all about it when he’s older.

It also occurred to me that there are lots of friends and relatives back home who will be missing watching the little guy grow through the many stages he’ll encounter for these two years.  And that those very people will likely be ravenously soaking in the photos from this very blog post — all the way from Germany.  To you, I say “Hallo! Genießen Sie die Bilder und danken Ihnen für das Schauen!”  (If Google Translate can be trusted, that means “Hello!  Enjoy the pictures and thank you for looking!”)  (I’m sorry that I’m such a dork.  How do you say THAT in German ?)

NY Baby_001NY Baby_005NY Baby_003NY Baby_009 NY Baby_008 NY Baby_007NY Baby_002 NY Baby_004

Another of my faves from this session is HERE.   The bottom line is that in any language, when you put together gorgeous NYC light being reflected off the Hudson River through floor to ceiling windows and add an adorable baby boy with a great connection to his equally gorgeous mother, you’re going to get some photos that are really great to look at!


NYC Baby Photographer