March 1, 2013

Digital Packages!

Let’s talk about my 2013 digital packages, shall we?

We’ll get right to business and start with the Basic Digital Package:

This is the one you’re already familiar with if you’ve been around these LYYP parts in the past.  It’s ALL the fully edited files from your gallery — a folder of high res images to print at any size, and a folder of web-sized images to share on Facebook.  It looks a little different, though, right?

Digital Packages_001

It’s those cute little flash drives.  From now on, when you order a package that includes the full gallery of digital files from your session, you’ll be getting the images on one of these instead of a DVD.   Why, you ask?  Progress, my friends.  The writing is on the wall.  The DVD is going the way of the eight track tape, the vinyl LP and the cassette tape before it … toward obsolescence.  Also, there’s just the cuteness of those little wooden flash drives, and the class factor added by the wood engraving!  Garsh, I just love that little camera in my logo.

So, other than the new delivery vehicle (and one other piece of awesomeness I’ll mention after I tell you about the other packages), the Basic Digital Package is the same thing you’d be getting if you’d purchased the “Session DVD” in the past.

The remaining packages  I’m going to tell you about are, I think, a banner improvement over the Basic Package, and here’s why.  Much, much too often, despite the love and enthusiasm you have for all the photos in your gallery — I mean, they all come together to tell the story of your family’s life right now, and if you’ve been around the block a few times like me, you know how fleeting that is and how much more you’ll appreciate the complete picture in a few years when it’s all changed — despite knowing all this, you … procrastinate.   I am NOT judging here — not one bit.  We all do it.  We stick the DVD (or flash drive) in a super-safe place and start weaving plans about the frames we’ll buy, the books we’ll make, the customized coffee mugs we’ll design  for grandma … and then life gets in the way.   Let’s face it — these kinds of projects take a LOT of time, and they tend to fall lower on the list of things that are clamoring for our time than things like, say, work, homework, cooking dinner, carpooling, and even sleep.  So, your plans for the bright future you’ll give those digital files get postponed, and as time passes they slowly fade, and then they’re forgotten.

Here’s where I tend to ramble, so I’m NOT going to start down the path of helping you imagine how useless these files are if NOBODY looks at them, or point out the obvious fact that you can’t look at beautiful images of your children when they’re trapped in digital form inside an (albeit very cute) piece of wooden flash drive, or suggest that generations from now, nobody will ever know they existed.  I’m not going to go down that road.  Instead, I’m just going to show you the solutions I’ve developed!

The Tell the Whole Story Package

Digital Packages_003This one’s my favorite.  You’ll know this if you’ve read my post about my LYYP Storybook albums here.  To me, printing all the photos from your session in a storybook album is the perfect way to enjoy them — today, tomorrow and for generations to come.  So many of the photos that’ll be in your gallery will be not exactly “hang above the mantle” material, but will tell parts of the story that you MOST want to remember — and that you’re most likely to forget!  The way she scrunched up her eyes and rubbed her nose when she was ready for a nap.  The way her cute, diapered little hiney looked as she crawled or toddled away from you.  The way she looked at you when you cuddled together on the couch … (sigh).

So.  The ‘Tell the Whole Story’ Package comes with all the fully edited digital files from your session, a 10×10 storybook album with all the images from your session (custom designed by ME — no work for  you except to review a draft and give me your approval), and a bonus mini storybook album.  That little mini storybook will gain you HUGE points if you gift it to the grandparents for some upcoming occasion, but I’m not going to tell you what to do with it — if you want to keep it to yourself, for your desk at work or to keep in your purse, I wouldn’t blame you one bit.  Also, when you choose the Tell the Whole Story Package, you get 10% off all a la carte items.  (So, keep the mini storybook and buy them a print if you want!)

The ‘Tell the Whole Story’ Package can be ordered with Lincoln or McGuire storybooks.  I’ve extolled the awesomeness of both here.  (You’ll also find other examples of what the various spreads can look like and other details, so if you’re not familiar with my storybook albums, you’ll want to check that post out).

Moving on, now, to the final digital package, which I’ve cleverly named The Think Inside the Box Package.

Digital Packages_002

The Think Inside the Box Package comes with all your digital files and a bordered 5×7 reference proof of each of the images from your session, tucked into a custom designed proof box.  You can keep it on your coffee table and flip through the proofs any time you like.  Since they’re in your hands and in front of your eyes, you’re much more likely to motivate to print the ones you love for yourself or the people you love.  And when you do print, you’ll have the proofs to use as reference.   This saves the images from exile and makes you happier in your day-to-day life!  (A win-win, no?)  When you choose the Think Inside the Box Package, you  also get 10% off all a la carte items.

That’s a lot of info about Digital Packages, my friends.  They’re a great value right there.  But if you think I’m done, you’re mistaken.  All 2013 Digital Packages now come with your very own personalized mobile device APP, so that you can enjoy and share our photos on your smart phone or mobile device wherever you are.  Seriously, how cool is that?

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 2.14.13 PM

And that’s it, ladies and gents.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or comments about the Digital Packages … or, you can always leave a comment right here! I always appreciate you stopping by ….

(Wait – one more thing!  Just in case you’re wondering, that old fashioned camera that I’ve put in the photos does not come with any of the Digital Packages — it’s just a prop!  Don’t feel bad, though — it’s not even a real camera.  It’s a pencil sharpener, actually.  I bought it for myself when I spruced up my little office space.   Just in case you thought you were getting an antique camera with any of the packages, I thought I’d clear that up.  I hate to disappoint people …)