February 25, 2013

Older Newborns are Fun! | Westchester Newborn Photographer

You may remember this little cutie from the sneak peeks I posted here or here.  Hanging out with this family reminded me of how pleasantly surprised I have been at what a blessing it is to my three older kids to have a baby brother who’s a good bit younger than they are.  It has, I think, allowed aspects of my big kids’ personalities to develop that we may not have ever known were there.  It’s amazing to think that we were ever a family without my littlest guy…

But this blog post is not about me!  It’s about this adorable baby brother, and how nicely he’s fitting into his own family.  He was born just before Christmas and with the chaos of the holidays, his  mom didn’t schedule his session until he was several weeks old.  Now, usually I encourage parents to plan ahead so that we can capture those first fuzzy, floppy, fleeting few days of a baby’s time at home.  And it’s true that babies are sleepiest and curliest in the first two weeks or so of life.  But what I’m also realizing is that there’s a lot of awesomeness to be captured in an older newborn.  I was amazed at this little guy’s alertness — his eyes followed me wherever I went — and the way he responded to mom, dad, big brother and big sis.  Enjoy!

Westchester Newborn_0001 Westchester Newborn_0002 Westchester Newborn_0003 Westchester Newborn_0004 Westchester Newborn_0005 Westchester Newborn_0006 Westchester Newborn_0007 Westchester Newborn_0008 Westchester Newborn_0009 Westchester Newborn_0010 Westchester Newborn_0011 Westchester Newborn_0012 Westchester Newborn_0013 Westchester Newborn_0014 Westchester Newborn_0015 Westchester Newborn_0016 Westchester Newborn_0017