February 22, 2013


Hi there, and welcome to my BRAND NEW blogsite!

What, you don’t think it looks that different?  Look a little closer.  The galleries are all updated and they’re much nicer to look at.  If you’re on a mobile device, you can actually see ALL of the content.  (Um, if you can’t, please tell me and I’ll fly back to the drawing board!).  My favorite new thing?  Look to the top right.  See those little “life” camera icons?  Mouse over them.  See how they bounce?  I love that.  But that’s not the coolest thing about them.  What’s coolest about them is they’ll get you good and connected to The Life in Your Years Photography.  Click on those babies and you can be the first to know what’s in the works around here, get a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes, and generally get a steady fix of pictures of cute babies, happy families, and laughing kiddos.  And what’s better than that for brightening up your days?

The “subscribe” button on top is definitely the most important one.   Especially, say, if you’re interested in doing a spring mini session and want to grab one of the very few spots that are going to be announced very soon before they’re all gone (hint, hint!).

So, here’s to the new blogsite.  Thanks’s for stopping by!

new blogsite