January 27, 2015

LYYP Pic of the Year 2014 Finalists!

Finalist Banner2014 Finalists_0001

Congrats to these fifteen finalists (I KNOW I said there’d be twelve — shush, now.  You know I’m awful at decisions).  Let’s have some fun in this final round!  Voting starts NOW and continues until midnight on February 5th!

How to Vote in Round Two.

The final round of voting — on these fifteen finalists — begins right now. To spice things up in the finals, there will be THREE ways to vote:

1. By “liking” the image on the official LYYP POY 2014 Finalist Facebook gallery;

2. By “liking” the image on Instagram (you’ll search #LYYP2014 to see the finalists on my Instagram page when the time comes); or

3. By voting here on the blog in an online poll.  Read on …

There will be FOUR winners in Round Two.

1.  The GRAND PRIZE winner with the highest total number of votes on THIS online poll PLUS Instagram likes on the images posted by @jayemcl (search #LYYP2014 to see all of the entries) PLUS likes on images posted in the Official LYYP Pic of the Year Finalists Gallery on Facebook.

2.  Two runners up each will win a $100 gift certificate toward any LYYP session in 2015. The first runner up will be the contestant with second highest number of combined votes from the blog, instagram and facebook. A SECOND runner up will be chosen by ME with the help of my panel of professional photographers.

3. ONE random VOTER in the final round will receive a $50 gift certificate toward any LYYP session in 2015!   a FREE Winter Weekday Mini Session valued at $600!  Holy moly — I’m so excited about how much fun this contest is, I’ve decided to beef up this last bonus price in a major, major way.  See below to see how to be entered in the drawing for the free Winter Weekday Mini Session, and the “Fine Print” for Winter Weekday Mini Session details.

How to Win a Winter Weekday Mini Session

All you’ve got to do is vote in one or all of the three places outlined above and THEN leave a comment on this blog post telling me a) that you’ve voted and b) why you want to win a Winter Weekday Mini Session.  I will randomly select one comment from the blog to WIN the fee Winter Weekday Mini Session!  This must be scheduled on a Monday through Thursday between now and March 19th — more details about this fun new offering can be seen HERE.     Woo hoo!

Winning Strategies

OK, finalists — as you’ve seen in Round One, there’s really no way to win this contest alone.  (I want as many people to see these images as possible — get it?)    In order to be a big winner, you’ve got to enlist the help of your friends, family, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, etc.   It’s not hard to do, though.  Since my sample email/text/facebook post/phone script was so helpful to you and amusing to me in Round 1, I’m providing you with a new, updated one for the Final Round.    Just copy, paste, edit and send:

“Dear [friend/neighbor/colleague/Mom],  Hope you are [well/feeling better/doing great/surviving this ridiculously-hyped snowmageddon]  Guess what?!?  My image is a Finalist in the Pic of the Year Contest over at The Life in Your Years Photography with Jaye McLaughlin.  Thanks for your help in Round 1 — I couldn’t have done it without you!  Will you PLEASE help me win big?  This time around, there are three ways to vote and YOU can win a free Winter Weekday Mini Session just for voting!  (I hope you win — you’re gonna love the LYYP experience!)  Just hope over to The Official Contest Page to see how to vote/win.   If you do this for me and I win, I’ll definitely [make you dinner/buy you a drink/give you a hug/shovel all your snow].  Thanks a bunch!  Love, [Me]

You can also share this post on Facebook if that’s more your speed.  Or do both.  Your choice.   Depends how badly you want it, really.


Fine Print:

  • Voting ends at midnight on Thursday, February 5th, and winners will be announced on February 6th.  Sessions must be scheduled by November 15, 2015 and are subject to availability.  (And don’t wait — 2015 is booking up fast!)
  • Winter Weekday Mini Sessions are only offered Monday through Thursday between now and March 19th at your home or on location in Lower Westchester.  Details on these are HERE.  
  • You can vote for as many images as you like, but you can only vote ONE time in each place.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries or terminate/modify contest if necessary.

Now, enough TALK — I hereby present to you the FINALISTS in the LYYP Pic of the Year Contest for 2014!  Look at them all, then vote for your favorites at the end of this post, and THEN go like your faves on Facebook and Instagram (Links are below).  Anyone can vote for as many images as they like, but can only vote once in each place — be sure to tell your friends!

1: Caped Crusader

2:  ChubbFinalists-1

3:  Family HugFinalists-2

4:  FeetFinalists-4

5:  CheersFinalists-56:  Shared Celebration

7:  Mommy’s MirrorFinalists-8

8:  KissFinalists-9

9:  MischiefFinalists-3

10:  Puppy LoveFinalists-10

11:  PeaceFinalists-11

12:  Sitting Pretty

13:  Telling Secrets

14:  TwirlFinalists-14

15:  Blue Eyes

First, here:

Then, in the Official LYYP Pic of the Year 2014 Finalist  Gallery HERE. 

And then on Instagram!  Just search for #LYYP2014.

Have fun, and good luck!


VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!  Stay tuned for the winners!